Jackson Hole

This week has been action packed.

We had to check out the geysers at Yellowstone! Lauren and I hadn’t been since we were super young. Old Faithful was incredible, but I really dug all the little pools of crystal clear bubbling water. As touristy as it gets, but rightfully so. It is amazing to watch the geysers erupt. Old Faithful blows approximately 8,000 gallons of water up to 185ft every hour or so. While hiking around the National Park we spotted a buffalo hanging out not 15ft from the trail. He looked like a yard ornament that the park rangers had trained to lay there for little kids and adults alike to ooh and ahh. We toured around a bit and soaked in all the sights. I was impressed by how many cyclists were out there, some touring with full saddle bags of gear and others just out for a spin in the park.

It’s fun being a tourist… made me think of a t-shirt I once saw. “My life is better than your vacation.”

Yesterday, Ken took Lauren and I on an amazing ride. We rode some of Jackson’s finest single track. The vegetation is so thick and green, it was hard to see the trail in some spots. The wildflowers were in full bloom and were spectacular. At one point, the flowers were taller than me. With the Grand Tetons in the background it definitely didn’t suck. I was in awe most of the ride.

After the ride Ken’s Dad took us shooting out in the sticks. I had never really shot a gun before. I feel well versed after the 22 revolver, 22 semi automatic, 12 gauge shotgun, 45 ACP, and a 44 caliber revolver. We shot some clay targets with the shotguns and I think that was my favorite. Lauren was diggin’ on the AR15 style 22 with a 30 shot magazine. She was nailing some targets! The 44 almost knocked her over, but she didn’t hesitate. It was a neat experience to shoot these guns with such knowledgeable and safe people.

44 caliber revolver... insanely powerful!

We’re homeward bound. No Missoula XC for us. Maybe next year!

I am looking forward to Crankworx Colorado the following weekend! The Intergalactic Pond Crossing World Championships guarantee a good time!



One thought on “Jackson Hole

  1. Cool pics of the Hole. Chillin’ on a supervolcano is always a good time! Guess you’re officially a big gun on and off the bike!

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