few and far between…

It has been too long since I last posted, but thanks to recent motivation from some friends in Phoenix, here we go again. It’s inspiring when someone sincerely tells you that they enjoy reading your writing. I don’t really know why I stopped writing, but I guess my excuse is that I got a “real job”! I feel like there is so much to catch up on since Ireland, I don’t know where to start.

the furthest point in the distance is where I proposed

I asked Lauren to marry me while we were hiking along the Cliffs of Moher. She said, “Yes!”  and the big day has been set for July 28th. We spent another week traveling across Ireland, riding and running on sweet trails, visiting more pubs than necessary and even competing in a 10k trail running race in the mountains outside of Dublin. Lauren won the women’s race! After an awesome Irish vacation, we were both ready to get back home to Colorado. I had been planning on going to Interbike, the international bicycle tradeshow in Las Vegas, the following week. The plan was to work at the booth for Feedback Sports and race Cross Vegas. Since Feedback is my cyclocross sponsor, I figured this would be a great opportunity to combine racing and working. The tradeshow was a success and the race was hard. Cross Vegas is the largest domestic cross race, drawing in some big international names and of course an insane amount of spectators because of the tradeshow.

Cross Vegas

Shortly after Interbike, Feedback Sports offered me a position to work; Inside Sales and Customer Service. I accepted and the rest is history. I am super excited to be working for such a passionate company. The owners, Doug and Lisa are both competitive cyclists that balance work, racing, and raising a family, and they seem to have a lot of fun doing it! My office is located in the heart of Golden, Colorado and I love my job. Sometimes I even get to sneak out for a lunch break ride!

It's official

Cyclocross season is almost over, just one race left! National Championships are in Madison, Wisconsin on January 8th. It has been a great season with a little traveling and a lot of mud. I think what I’ll do is write a separate CX season reflection. Hopefully soon enough…

Gaelic translation! Awesome

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