Go Pro Mountain Games

go pro 2013 011

It was a beautiful weekend in Vail, CO. The aspen trees were vibrant and the snow-melt runoff was raging. With waterfalls everywhere and abundant single track it’s tough to have a “bad day”. Although my result in the x-country mtb race was nothing to write home about, it was a great way to start my season. This was my first race on the new Orbea Occam.

go pro 2013 014

We camped out in our usual spot, 5 minutes from the Vail Village in a beautiful aspen meadow. Stoked to break in our new tent from the North Face. I have to say that a spacious “car camping tent” is luxurious in comparison to our light weight 2 person backpacking tent that we have been using the past 6 years.

go pro 2013 007

The race was brutal. 3 laps up Vail Mountain was enough to make my legs cramp up worse than ever before. I finished, and Lauren’s reaction was; “Did you flat, crash or what happened?” Haha, I raced my brains out and felt like I had a pretty decent first race of the season. Finishing 32 at a race that I once finished 7th is tough to swallow, but my bike weighed 7lbs more than my old hardtail. The Occam felt great on the descent, but this race is won on the climb.

go pro 2013 016
I love this bike and owe a huge thanks to all my dedicated sponsors for making this experience possible!!!

go pro 2013 013

On Sunday, after a night out in the village watching some live music, we woke up with the sun and barely made it to the start of the 10k trail run! I told Lauren I would run it with her and she promised to take it easy on me. We ran/hiked for about 1:30 and my legs were not happy, but we finished. It felt good to get out on the trails and soak in some of the views. Since the course was similar to the mtb loop, I got to reminisce a bit about my suffering the day before.

go pro 2013 001
My Coors Chinook hops are going strong this year. They are already 12ft tall!

All in all, it was a great weekend in the mountains but it’s always fun to get home to water the garden and feed the chickens.

Next stop: Angle Fire, New Mexico – Big Mountain Enduro



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