It’s Cyclocross season – Here’s what I’ve been up to


This is my Harrow built with Shimano Ultegra at the Colorado National Monument in Fruita Colorado

Cross Vegas 2013. © Nathan Hofferber / Cyclocross Magazine

CX Magazine took a pic of my bike after Cross Vegas

vegassss 034

typical lunch ride in Golden

vegassss 040

we experienced incredible amounts of rain

vegassss 046

…and some minor flooding in our new house! Nothing to complain about compared to Boulder

vegassss 056

We ordered chicks (30 to be exact). They arrived via USPS Priority and we now have 27 survivors. They are mixed breeds and provide excellent entertainment.

vegassss 107

working on the Sprint Stand from Feedback Sports – my shop is starting to come together…

vegassss 108

Some friends of ours opened up a new brewery in Golden! Barrels and Bottles – downtown Golden, definitely stop in and taste some beers!

vegassss 117

the in laws came to town and went to work! our window wells have not looked this good since the house was built in ’71! Thanks Joe and Judy


f2 f3 f4 f5vegassss 119 I built a fence

vegassss 120

…and some laying boxes for the hens (recycled kitchen cabinet)

vegassss 122

my “A” bike just got pimped out with Di2 and is literally plugged into the computer getting programmed for infinite shift capabilities (way beyond me…)

vegassss 123

making progress on the chicken coop

One comment

  1. Olivia · September 27, 2013

    Hey, Tim, I am Susan’s friend from Phoenix. Was watching your adventures; we got 5 chicken recently to add to the quail we already had. Your wife might like the quail as well- they are neat lil birds with waaay less drama than chickens.

    PS Love the new bike! Olivia

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