Heartland Revival Tour

Tomorrow I will embark on a 12 day road trip in the Feedback Sports van. It’s packed with Feedback product and Foundry cyclocross bikes. Moki, my dog, will join me for the adventure. We will be visiting bike shops throughout the heartland and hitting some CX races on the weekends.

3 years ago, the Heartland Tour was born. I was a new hire at Feedback Sports when Sammy and I drove to Madison, WI for cyclocross nationals in January. It was a successful and memorable trip in many aspects. We made a lot of friends, sold a lot of product, and overall we had a really good time. The revival tour will not be the same, however, I hope it can live up to all expectations. I’m bummed that my partner in crime, Sammy, will not be joining me.

Basically, my dog and I are traveling across the Midwest to sell Feedback and race ‘cross. My wife and son are conveniently headed to California to spend time with the grandparents and relax at the beach. This makes my job away from home much less stressful and allows both of us to enjoy our travel a little more!

I have several goals that I would like to achieve on this road trip. First and foremost, since the trip is funded 100% by Feedback Sports, I need to justify the expenses with lots of orders. Hopefully open up some new accounts and sell, sell, sell! Second, I want to represent all of my sponsors at the Green Acres CX races this weekend in Minnesota. It’s exciting for me to get the chance to race in Foundry Cycles’ backyard and immerse myself in their CX scene. After spending 2 days racing and 2 days working in MN I will head towards Louisville KY for the  Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships. I will be sharing some stories here along the way. Thanks for following along now, go ride your bike.


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