Tim Allen

Crested Butte, Colorado

Born in 1986, I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona where I fell in love with bikes at a young age. Riding bikes with friends was just about all I wanted to do… TV and video games were not part of my childhood. I first competed in local BMX races when I was 9 and when I turned 12, my Mom got me my first mountain bike. It was a 1998 Trek 830, rigid chromoly with 21seed Gripshift. I can still remember my first ride on it at our local park. The 26″ wheel was able to roll over everything so well compared to my 20″ Powerlite mini. From that point on, I became totally obsessed with mountain biking.

I did my first mountain bike race that same year (1998) in Flagstaff, Arizona at Rock Rabbit. It was an eye opening experience that I’ll never forget. I raced in the local “Mountain Bike Association of Arizona” series from then on, well, except the year that I turned 16 and got my driver’s license and a 1983 Toyota 4×4. It only took me a year before I was back at the races. I have been passionate and dedicated to mountain biking ever since. I’ve raced on many teams over the years, starting back in ’99 with Procon Bicycle Showcase, Swiss American Racing, Northern Arizona University, On-One, Voodoo Cycles, Niner Bikes, Niner-Ergon, Niner-Stan’s-Ergon, Niner/Hayes/Ergon, Orbea Tuff Shed, Foundry Cycles, Feedback Sports and Alchemy Bicycles. I am currently working for Weehoo Inc. and riding for Alchemy Bicycles. I have met some amazing people and shared some incredible experiences along the way and hope for many more to come!

Currently residing in beautiful Golden, Colorado, I can be found out on the local single track, working at Weehoo, or hanging out in my garden. I live with my wife Lauren, son Everett, dog Moki, and cat Hunter. Lauren and I both like to garden and cook, especially when we get to cook from the garden! Raising a family and racing bikes while trying to earn a living. I hope to regularly update this blog with some racing news and other random experiences that I want to share. I hope you enjoy.

Words that I live by: “Work to bike” “Live to ride” “Love life”


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